What is the SOAZ Method?

The New Movement

A new approach that looks at your body like an engineer looks at a house from the foundations.

Learn directly from the creator of the SOAZ method, Julie Williams, through our interactive online training modules and 3D app.

Are you frustrated that your patients turn up again and again with the same problem?

Starting to doubt yourself and feeling disillusioned that the techniques and exercises you learned at Uni don’t work to relieve your client’s pain?

Your patient’s adherence disappears down the drain?

You can barely get them to show up to the next session, let alone give you a 5-star review or referral.

I understand, I felt exactly the same way.

When I started my journey as a Physio, I was very idealistic and thought that I would be able to make everyone better and that they’d never want to see me again because they were ‘fixed’.

My first placement was treating men from the Holden car manufacturing plant in Adelaide Australia.  These men suffered with chronic low back pain. We would treat them, they would feel better but return with the same issues just two or three weeks later.

I began to question myself as a Physiotherapist but I noticed that other physios were getting the same results. I seemed to be the only one however that was concerned about it.

So I started to research.

I looked into other treatment methods to add to my tool belt. I took courses inside and outside of physiotherapy.

But no matter what I did, it still resulted in these men from Holden returning again and again with that chronic lower back pain. My clients seemed happy but I wasn’t.

That’s when I started to research again and I came across a paper that changed everything!
It made me question the way we as therapists were treating the body. Over several years I began to look at the body in a different way.

I started to put the research into my treatments. I started to see results that I couldn’t explain!

And I wasn’t using the methods I was trained in at Uni anymore.

The SOAZ Method I have developed provides revolutionary results for my clients.

They are SO amazed with their results that they return willingly, happily on a regular basis to keep their optimal condition fine tuned and working like a well-oiled machine.

The method is based on the results I have achieved for my own clients for many different pathologies: Back, Neck, Shoulder, Hip Groin, Headaches & Decreased Flexibility.

How does the SOAZ Method therapy work?

Forces create Distortions in our Spines. Huge Forces create Scoliosis for instance, where the spine bends sideways and twists.These Forces are created through our Muscles. You see evidence of this every day in everything you are required to do. Getting up out of your bed. The muscles in your legs help you to stand and walk, picking up your shopping, the muscles in your arms create the force needed to do this. A woman in labour Huge contracting Forces of the muscles deliver the baby from the Mother’s womb. And when the baby is born another group of muscles help the baby cry and breathe.

Even using our bowels it is necessary to have these forces in place.Incontinence is the result of these forces not working as they should. So, given all of these forces called Muscles acting on our joints and ligaments, tendons and nerves that come in the pathway of these forces everyday, it is only logical that these same forces created distortions in your back and discs that then create pain. Soaz therapy addresses These Very Forces Direct.