Learn The Soaz Method

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  • 3 hours of self-paced teaching modules on video animation and app
  • I take you from the first assessment through to the end results
  • All steps clearly demonstrated and protocols explained
  • A 360° turnaround on the way musculoskeletal Therapists view the body
  • You will not need to compartmentalise the body into pain areas

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3D Psoas Interactive App

  • The innovative 3D app was developed by Julie Williams to demonstrate to patients the impact that the Psoas major muscles have over the spine and body.
  • This has proven to be the best educational and conversion tool for Julie's practice and is now available to you.
  • See it in action with our 30 day free trial

Patient Retention

  • One of the best patient retention tools is the 3D Soaz App and through The Soaz method the patient results.
  • The results are there from the very first treatment.
  • When your patients understand how they have achieved their movement changes and start to feel these changes transforming their lives for the better – they stay and refer others through the Soaz Method

The Process

Our three step process is a simple yet revolutionary way of targeting pain in Remote areas of the body.

Movement, movement, movement – complete body movement is key to promoting a pain free life. The more you move, the longer you will live free from pain. We target the strategic muscles that enable your body to move well. This starts a process in the body that allows a reversal of pain and distortions. The posture realigns and pain starts to resolve. We believe in movement first – before pain will go.

Learn the process now using our online training modules and innovative 3D app!