About Founder Julie Williams & The SOAZ Movement Method

E Developer of the SOAZ Method

E Physiotherapist

E Ba Ed SA University

Hi, I’m Julie Williams, Founder of The Soaz Movement Method and owner of Posturepro physiotherapy Clinic in Adelaide, South Australia!

I am an Australian trained physiotherapist with over 25 years’ experience treating clients and running my own private clinic.

Prior to that I was a teacher in health studies, and I’ve always had a passion to try to prevent health issues rather than treating them symptomatically

My passion about preventative health and helping my clients to get the best out of their bodies and live pain free grew during my teaching years. After graduating from physiotherapy I was working in a clinic treating men from the Holden car plant at Elizabeth in Adelaide’s north.


(Photos courtesy of GM Australia)

These men suffered with chronic low back pain.

As physiotherapists we would treat them, they would feel  better for a brief period but then they would return with the same back pain sometimes within two to three weeks.

I began to question myself as a Physiotherapist, but I noticed that my other physio peers were getting the same results.

But I seemed to be the only one however, that was concerned about it making me question everything that I had been taught.

My frustration with the traditional treatment methods I was trained in at university increased as I kept up my professional development and did many courses to help improve my skills.

At this point, I started to research other treatment methods to add to my tool belt to see if I could get better results.

I completed many courses inside and outside of physiotherapy.

I travelled overseas and studied acupuncture.

It was in 2005 that I started to look into what research might be out there to help me get better results for my clients.

It was this research that has lead me to change everything that I was taught and that I was trained to do. It was this research that has given my clients ongoing relief for their back pain.