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The Retention Magnet

No matter how many blogs, You tube videos, or books you go through here’s one thing you’re not likely to hear.

Anyone who’s learning to increase retention of their clients will quickly realise that its HARD!

I should say ….. it’s hard IF!

If … you’re still trying to piece together random tactics from random people

If … you’re taking advice from someone who hasn’t already achieved the results you’re after

If … you’d rather spend time trying to “figure it out” by yourself instead of investing in proven methods of retention and…

If … you don’t have someone to hold you accountable

That’s where I come in ……………….

I developed my Comeback Client System to help therapists just like you rapidly increase their client retention in just 30 days without using spammy or salesy tactics.

This Program Is For Clinic Owners Who Want To

Get the best Results

Dramatically improve patient’s outcomes from the very first session

Enabling the best Retention

From happy clients who stay and return even when they are not in pain

And Doubling or Tripling your Revenue

Consistently generate an extra 30-40 bookings a week within 30 days without marketing or mining your inactives

Once You Discover This Method & System For Yourself You Will…

  • Reconnect with your original passion
  • Feel your true value and fall in love with treating again
  • Become the new health visionary in the world
  • Ignite your client’s inspiration
  • Experience visible proof of your treatments in the first session
  • Stop devaluing yourself as a therapist
  • Attract a better client type who is fully committed to the treatment
  • Learn to retain clients so they never want to leave you!

The Secret To Getting Clients For Life …

isn’t some flash new marketing system that promises the world and ends up costing you a fortune in Facebook ads.

It’s actually something far better.

For years, I’ve been evolving a system that enables my clients to get resolution from chronic pain and dramatically increase their movement at the same time and from their very first session.

Clients are so impressed they eagerly return again and again even when they’re not in pain!

The New Client Retention Machine

Marketing alone will not solve your client retention problem.

If your client doesn’t get significant results and they keep returning with the same problem then they simply won’t return.

When clients experience their best movement ever and resolution of their pain

WITHOUT you even going to their pain area, they are in AWE and you have a client for life!

My New Movement system not only gives clients dramatic, visible improvement in the very first session, it also helps them to understand how their body works, why this treatment is so effective and what they need to do to keep their body moving in peak condition.

Hamstrung To World Number 1 Powerlifter In Age Group

86 Year Old With 20 Year History Of Shoulder Pain

This patient presented with a 20 plus year history of shoulder pain had seen many other therapists and still couldn’t raise her arms higher than shoulder height.  Within her very first session using the New Movement method, she was able to easily and painlessly raise her arms towards the ceiling: all without going to her shoulder area!

To view the Before & After, click on the “<>” and move the line to the left or right.

To view the Before & After, click on the “<>” and move the line to the left or right.

It all comes down to


I call this The SOAZ Method and it does not compartmentalise the body into symptomatic areas as we have been taught in University.

The SOAZ Method is based on the latest neuroscience that pain is sent from our brain as a protective mechanism.

Our brains want to evolve and to have our bodies working in their optimal condition for as long as possible to enable it to do that.

One of the ways the brain does this is to send pain to protect us. But this pain does not mean that is where we should treat.

The SOAZ Method will deliver your clients great movement and posture (body alignment) from the very first session AND it will restore your passion for treating again.

That I Developed And Discover Why Your Clients Don’t Return unless you do this.

Learn How To Turn Your Clinic Around Using these proven systems

Have Your Other Therapists All Trained In This Same System Leading To Repeat Business
And Eliminating The No Shows, Drop Off’s And Cancellations!

The SOAZ Method is taught in the
New Movement Online Program Which
Will Show You Step-By-Step This Evolutionary
Method That Will Change Your Clients



E Step-by-step interactive online training that will take you through each module in detail

E Exclusive access to the Therapists Only 3D app that is an absolute game-changer

E 6 x one-on-one coaching sessions with Julie via Zoom

EThe proven systems that transform client results, eliminate cancelations and grow your revenue


Here’s what we cover in each module…

Module 1


  • Our Unique 3D app shows your clients a new way of looking at the body resulting in massive client conversion rates, increasing client engagement and adherence to their treatment plan with you.
  • Show your clients the phenomenal impact the Psoas muscle has and the compression force it creates on their body.
  • Easily demonstrate the connection between their hip, back, shoulder, neck or groin pain and how it all starts with the Psoas muscles – when clients get the “Why” they stick to their treatment.

Module 2


  • Client management and compliance can be the hardest thing for a therapist to achieve to be able to meet client expectations. Now you’ll be able to demonstrate in real time visible body change and create a client for life!
  • This system shows you how to present a new way of treating the body that provides clients phenomenal results in new movement in their body in their very first visit.
  • This powerful combination of clarity and delivery will manage your client for you. Compliance and retention will go through the roof when you apply the methods and procedures of the New Movement Online systems.

Module 3


  • This is the real time evidence of the power of the Psoas Muscle. A compromised Psoas muscle will affect the whole spine and body alignment leading to friction decreased movement and pain.
  • I will take you step by step through the movement assessment I do with my clients allowing the client to see for themselves their full body movement restrictions as they are now: before treatment.
  • Show Your Clients A New Way Of Treating Increasing Engagement And Massive Conversion Percentages.

Module 4


  • Watch in awe as you transform your clients’ restrictions and posture into flow and flexibility right before their eyes.
  • These Huge movement changes happen without going to their area of pain and your client cannot believe what just happened, and in their eyes you are now their hero!
  • Watch your clients as they sit in disbelief at their new alignment and postural changes and how their old body is transformed into one they had 20 years ago

Module 5


  • This is where the rubber hits the road in PROOF that what you have just done has transformed your clients movement and given them a new lease of life.
  • Delivering movement and flexibility and better alignment that your clients see and feel starts to ignite their passion in this process and their trust in you and they are eager to continue on with you.
  • Experience proof of your treatments: As your clients posture changes they will start to tell you “that my clothes seem to hang better on me now” or “they don’t feel lopsided”. These are sentiments I never heard when I was treating with my previous modalities.
  • Throughout my years of treating the Psoas I have become aware that if we are able to move well we seem to have less pain and discomfort: this is because when we are biomechanically well tuned there is less friction in our body.


6 x exclusive training calls via Zoom

You will be get hands on training and real time evidence of results


So if you are sick of chasing the latest marketing tactic or paying exorbitant advertising fees and want to generate REAL, SUSTAINABLE PROFITS WHILE DELIVERING AUTHENTIC LIFE-CHANGING RESULTS TO YOUR CLIENTS…

Then book a Powerful Practice Transformation Call with me today – let’s chat and I will be happy to answer your questions and help you grow your practice.