Mod 2: Client Management

Make compliance easy when your client's understand Why we treat the Psoas muscle


When your client's are able to understand the importance of the Psoas muscle in their treatment [through the 3D model] and then they witness the demonstrable change in their body post treatment: you will have them following your instructions to a T. Making your job easy!

Pre Soaz method I became disillusioned with the methodology of treating the body as I was trained. I was getting good results (so I was told) within the confines of treating symptoms: that is treating where pain was reported to be.

Because I worked initially in a work health environment where I saw mainly work injuries a very high percentage of these were low back pain LBP. I would say 90%

I treated these as all the other physiotherapists were and I did get them better (or so I thought) but inevitably [they] kept coming back with the sameproblem and very often their symptoms were worse on each subsequent episode, I would treat them again and send them off knowing I or some other physio would see them again.

This bothered me a lot and it was in that period I started to look into other methods of treating outside of my physiotherapy modalities. I did a lot of courses on muscle energy techniques, I studied acupuncture, learnt Reikki and Bowen therapies to name a few.

Over all these one of the muscles I was most impressed with was the Psoas major muscles. This seemed to get a more significant result that particularly helped LBP. I was also seeing other apparent changes in the people I treated like being able to stand better and move better. They were also asking for me to treat the Psoas muscle over any other modality.

Of course, at that time I did not really know what I was doing or getting. Also because I was still mixing up my physiotherapy modalities with the treatment on the Psoas muscle I was also not convinced of the benefit of just the Psoas treatment. I was just happy that my patients were feeling it was working and the over flow of that was that they seemed eager to come in for treatment and comply with what I required of them.

Client management can be the hardest thing for a therapist to achieve to be able to meet client expectations.  Feeling confident in themselves that they have the answers and the skill set to meet their client’s expectations. That they are able to demonstrate in real time to their client evidence of what treatment they have done has resulted in a demonstrable change in the body.
Now you have a tool that allows you the therapist to be able to guide your client to a new way of approaching and thinking about the body that will eclipse their expectations and hopes for achieving better long term outcomes based on achieving better [no] Extraordinary movement changes First. 

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