Mod 1: The 3D Interactive Model

 Witness the Psoas muscle compress the Spine in 3D

 The research on the Psoas major muscle by Bogduk et al: is shown in detail in this 3 dimensional model allowing you and your clients to see clearly and effectively the damage this results in onto the spine and discs of the vertebra

The strategic placement of the Psoas major muscles onto the spine and pelvic region makes this muscle the prime contributor to back, groin and hip pain and restriction in movement

The shear size of the muscle in the adult is approximately seventeen inches long and together with the undisputed fact that sitting is one of the major contributing factors to low back pain this now makes sense.

Because, it is this muscle that produces huge compression and shearing forces over the lower two levels of the Lumbar spine L4/L5 where 90% + of disc damage occurs.

Demonstrate to your clients the impact that the Psoas muscle has over the spine discs and nerves of the body and the distorting forces over the pelvis and spine with this interactive 3D model of the Psoas muscle

The model simulates the distortions and restrictions that occur in the body due to these muscles, clearly and effectively enabling your client to see the connection between their back hip or groin pain and why we need to treat these muscles

You can then treat the muscle and allow your client to witness the changes in these areas to be seen in real time

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