3D app

This is the tool that will help you Attract Convert and then 10x10 your Retention


If you Feel you are struggling to Attract new clients then Convert them and get them to want to stay then I have to tell you that I felt that way too. 

 Then I developed an interactive app based on the new methodology that helps your clients see a new approach to treating the body that makes them want to stay and refer

You can also achieve the Evolutionary results that this tool promises and that the Soaz method delivers

How to Demonstrate Simply a New Approach To Treating

 One of the most frustrating aspects of treating is to be convinced that whatever modality or approach you are using is actually working.

And see evidence before you that leaves you with no doubt whatsoever that what you have just done is 100% working

And if you're not convinced then how can you expect your client to be convinced?

[I] had this interactive model developed because of the frustration of trying to explain to my clients this new method that I have developed and the rationale behind it.

 When I sit my client down at my computer and show them this model and explain why we have pain and how it starts and where I need to treat to begin a reversal of their symptoms

they ask me why no one else has ever talked to them about this.

Show Your Clients a New Intelligent Method and They Want It!

So even though my clients were getting great results there was a gap in their understanding about WHY!

when they came in to me with back or neck or hip or shoulder pain I was not treating these areas

I originally used posters to demonstrate this but found these very limiting in their ability to help explain the method in a clear and understandable way to my clients especially when they were new to the clinic.

 This interactive 3D app has proven to be the best tool in this method that saves time and frustration and enables the clients to get a clear understanding of this method
And allows them to be ‘on board’ with the method and tell their family and friends about it. 



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