About Us

Julie Williams is the developer of the Soaz Method.
I am an Australian trained physiotherapist of 25 plus years’ experience running my own private clinic in Adelaide South Australia. I was a teacher in health studies prior to qualifying in physiotherapy. This was always a passion to try to prevent health issues rather than fix them.
My frustration with the traditional treatment methods I was using increased as I kept up my professional development and did many courses to help improve my skills. I also did many courses that were outside of physiotherapy to keep my self open to new methods .  
The Soaz method is an accumulation of my own learning experience over 25 years  that has lead to the method shown in these modules.
I have done many courses in my professional development in physiotherapy but also looked outside for other methods of looking at the body. Many of the alternative methods that could help me achieve the best for my client.
In all of those workshops I am sure I took bits and pieces, but the method I now use exclusively in my clinic has given me back my passion for treating and allowed me to witness results that I had not seen before and which my clients had not experienced before.