What is the SOAZ method?


This method has been evolved over many years to become what it is today

Would you like to know how you can deliver Evolutionary results for your clients and find your lost Passion for Treating again and keep your client for life?

If your feeling disillusioned and not believing in yourself as a therapist and undervaluing your worth I understand I felt exactly the same way

Then I developed this method and got evolutionary results restored my passion for treating again and allowed myself to feel my true worth and passion as a therapist again.

 My Story: The Quest to Find a Better Way

When I started this journey I had been out there as a physio about five years after graduating from my Physiotherapy degree.

I was very idealistic and I thought that I would go out and make everyone better and that they would never have to see me again.

My first placement was treating men from the Holden car manufacturing plant at Elizabeth in Adelaide.These men suffered with chronic low back pain.

As physiotherapists we would treat them and they would get better but then they would return with the same back pain not long after. Sometimes within two to three weeks.

It reminded me of a production line and I began to question myself as a physiotherapist but I noticed that the other physios were getting exactly the same results.

I seemed to be the only one however that was concerned about it.

The Journey that Took Me To The Holy Grail!

So this was the point at which I started to look into other treatment methods to add to my tool belt to see if I could get better results.

I did many courses outside and inside of physiotherapy.

I travelled overseas and I studied acupuncture.

But no matter what I did it still resulted in these men returning with the same problem

I felt devastated. I thought I was going to get people better. I didn't know that they would keep getting their pain over and over.

After a few more years I travelled over to the States to work and the work there was more visiting people in their homes and making sure they were safe and providing some basic exercises.

So I wasn't really involved in much treatment which I think took my mind off of the dilemma of getting better results for a couple of years. 

When I returned home I decided it was the right time to start my own physiotherapy clinic.

As I got busier and was treating all the time now the old nagging demons returned.

I wanted to get better results for my clients. They were very happy but I wasn't

So I started to look into the research that was out there and came across a paper that started me on my journey to question the way we as therapists were treating the body.

The New Movement Method

Over several years I started to look at the body in a different way. I started to put the research into my treatments. I started to see results that I couldn't explain and I was not doing much of the methods I was trained in at University anymore.

The method I have developed has seen evolutionary results for my clients and they are so amazed with their results that they return on a regular basis to keep themselves in their optimal condition ongoing

The method is based on the results I have achieved for my own clients for many different pathologies, back, neck, shoulder, hip, groin, headaches and decreased flexibility.
The research on the Psoas major muscle in 92 by Bogduk Hadfield and Pearcy and published in the journal Clinical Biomechanics 92) May 7  109-119 showed that the Psoas major has in the adult around 350kg of compression and shear force on the last two levels of the spine creating disc and other soft tissue damage to those areas. 
This was why I started to wonder why we are treating back pain where it is felt (on the back) instead of the problem where it starts 
The soaz method is a new way of looking and treating new and old recurring pathology that has been treated by traditionally accepted methods in the past and to achieve better whole body results.

This method is available to You right now in the form of online teaching modules so easy and all in video and animation.